Jail Administrator: Mark Geouge

The primary purpose of the Detention Center is to provide a secure confinement facility for the housing of inmates who are in “pending trial” status and those inmates serving short term misdemeanor sentences. The Detention Center provides a humane, safe, and healthy environment for staff and inmates.

Other duties include transporting inmates to and from prison units, and for court appearances, maintaining proper computerized records on inmates, security of inmates’ personal property and inmate medical needs.

Inmate FAQ

Q. How do I mail a letter?
A: Via U.S. Postal service with Inmate’s First Name and Last Name, and our address: Yancey County Jail Po Box 6 Burnsville Nc, 28714. All incoming mail must have a return address or it will be rejected.

Q. When can the public place money on an inmate’s account?
A: Money orders for canteen will be accepted for the first 96 hrs. Then after that on Sunday during visitation all money orders must be made out to the Yancey County Jail with the inmates name on it. Also money can be put in the inmates accounts via the internet at www.jailatm.com or be mailed to the Jail. Any items that are brought any time other than the first 96 hrs. , will be refused.

Q. How much money can I put on an inmates account?
A: The amount placed on an inmates account is unlimited.

Q. Can I bring an Inmate clothes?
A: Personal clothing will be only accepted for the first 96 hrs after an inmate is booked in any clothing after that must be bought from canteen. The clothing must be new and in the original packing or it will be refused. All inmates will be allowed to have (4) white T-shirts, (4) pairs of underwear, (4) white pairs of socks to be worn underneath their jail/orange clothing and (2) white thermal (tops only) any more than this amount will be consider contraband. After the first 96 hrs. are up the inmate can purchase these items from canteen.

Q. Can I send books?
A: We do not accept any books unless they are shipped directly from a publisher. The inmate must submit for approval of the books (only paperback) and, if approved, must be direct shipped from the publisher via US Postal Service.

Q. Why was my letter rejected and mailed back home? (It had kisses or hearts stickers on it)?
A: Our mail policy does not allow graffiti or any sticking label other than a stamp on the envelope. Mail adorned with or containing these items can be returned to the sender.

Q. Can I send stamps and envelopes?
A: No, we do not accept these items, but you can deposit money into the inmate’s account so that the inmate can order these items from the commissary.

Q. What are visiting times and days for inmates?
A: Saturdays (Female Inmates) & Sundays (Male Inmates)

  • 1:00 to 2:00 (Female Inmates) & 1:00 to 3:00 (Male Inmates)
  • All visitors to the Yancey County Jail are subject to being searched for illegal drugs weapons, or contraband. No handbags, cell phones, keys, knives, weapons, outside food or drinks will be allowed inside the jail premises during the visitation. Leave all such items locked in your vehicle prior to entering the jail. Any person who has been Arrested or has been Incarcerated 30 days prior to visitation date will not be able to visit.

Q. I’m under 18 and my boyfriend is in custody, Can I visit?
A: If you are under 18, you may visit if the inmate is a parent or you have your parent or legal guardian with you at all times. No exceptions.

Q. When can I come see an inmate for a pastoral visit?
A: Local ministers that have had prior approval by the Chief Jailer may visit the jail on certain nights.

Q. Can I leave shoes?
A: No, we do not accept shoes for any inmates.

Q. Why can’t my (inmate) call me?
A: Inmates can use the Inmate Phone Services to make outside calls.

Q. Can I leave a message for an inmate?
A: No, we don’t take incoming phone calls.

Q. Can I leave glasses for an inmate?
A: Yes, they will be reviewed by the staff, if accepted; they will be given to the inmate. No hard cases or soft cases with clips allowed.

Q. Can I leave prescription medications for an inmate?
A: Yes, they will be reviewed by the staff, if accepted; the prescription will be given to the inmate as per the prescription. Inmates are not allowed to keep the prescription in their cells but will be administered the medication per doctors orders.

Q. When will my inmate go to court?
A: You can call the Yancey County Clerk of Court at 828-682-5700 and inquire as to the next court date.